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About The DNA of Dispensationalism Videos

The Videos in this dropdown contain an ENTIRE Intensive on the DNA of Dispensationalism.

Each of the EIGHT videos is broken down into chapters which range in length from 5 to 15 minutes or so.  They are included this way so that the videos can be used in a Bible class setting.

By selecting CHAPTER titles below, you will be taken to the VIMEO site. Your computer may ask you permission to change sites.


VIDEO 1 - Understanding God - Click a title below.


          Why This Series is Critical - 6 min.  Vimeo

          God is Unlike (Creator-Based Worship) - 7 min. Vimeo 

          God is Unchanging - 4min. Vimeo

          God is Interactive -5 min. Vimeo 

          God Deals with Men through Promises -4 min.  Vimeo

          God's Key promises are called Covenants -3 min.  Vimeo

          The KEY  -8 min. Vimeo



VIDEO 2 - God's Covenants - Click a title below.


          Understanding Immersion Dynamics   -2 min.  Vimeo

           Edenic through Noahic Covenant  -13min. Vimeo

          Abrahamic Covenant – 9 min.  Vimeo

          Mosaic Covenant up to the New Covenant  -16 min. Vimeo



VIDEO 3 - God's Covenant Keeper - Click a title below.


          The New Covenant is In a Person -11 min.

          Three Critical New Covenant Facts – 21 min. 



VIDEO 4 - Clarifying Dispensationalism  - Click a title below.


          The New Covenant is Consummated – 4 min.

          Clarifying Our Terms -27 min.



VIDEO 5 - Role of the New Covenant  - Click a title below.


Warm Up Questions -5 min. 

Goal 3 – Absolutely Affirming the NC -13 min.

Our New Covenant Seed Rights -19 min.



VIDEO 6 - The Blood of the New Covenant  - Click a title below.


The New Covenant Effected by Blood  -8 min.

The Blood Supplied and the Blood Applied  -9 min. - Vimeo

Errors Regarding The Application of the Blood -10 min.



VIDEO 7 - Current Dispensational Views - Click a title below.


Current Dispensational Struggles Introduction -4 min.

The Classical Dispensationalist – 4 min.

The Typical Dispensationalist  -4 min.

The Revised Dispensationalist  -10 min.

The Progressive Dispensationalist –14 min.



VIDEO 8 - Your Precious New Covenant Ministry - Click a title below.


The Christological Dispensationalist  -4 min.

The Labels Summarized -5 min.

Your Precious New Covenant Ministry  -17 min.


This video material is specifically designed for use in Sunday School or a personal Bible study.  It is an actual video of an actual Intensive, so some irrelevant references to local situations may need to be ignored.


When using in a group, preview the video segment in advance and prepare a list of questions for discussion.

Important Note for Instructors

Instructors who plan to use these materials in a class are invited to request the full complement of higher resolution movies.  These can be transferred to you for free through a file transfer service.  They can then be placed on your laptop.  Simply contact me and ask for the material.


Regretfully, we do not have the equipment required to duplicate DVD's and we can no longer provide them due to the high percentage of reproduction errors we encounter using our basic equipment.


Keep in mind that Dr. Steel is always available for additional discussion and input.